Friday, September 14, 2012

Favourites 9/14

 No Rankings, No Best New, just what we're digging.

Death Grips - @Death Grips

Prior to Death Grip's 2011 mixtape Exmilitary, who would have guessed Zach Hill would be attached to one of the most progressive, abrasive hip-hop outfits around. Hill, known for slaying drums with the likes of
 Hella, Crime in Choir and Marnie Stern, took each band he played in to a new level of heavy. Check the way he transformed Wavves from snotty pop-punk to an attack on your head. Bored my ass. @Death Grips, the most recent installment of Adult Swim's killer Singles Series, restrains Mr. Hill, choosing instead to highlight the vocal sample and Stefan Bernett's hooks. Their second release in 2012 No Love Deep Web is in stores October 23rd.

Grizzly Bear - A Simple Answer

There's some material on Grizzly Bear's Shields that I just can't get into. A Simple Answer is not one of those songs.

 Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

I can't seem to find the track from David Byrne & St. Vincent's Love This Giant that I want to feature, so here's Psycho Killer for ole times sake. Also, because David Byrne is dressed like a total Dad.

Menomena - Capsule

Coolest Moms I ever seen. Moms is out September 18th.

Gang Gang Dance - Chinese High

 Each year, there's an amazing album that flies under (or over) my radar. Something I don't quite understand or don't hear about, or for whatever reason, choose to ignore. In 2010, I was listening to Japandroid's Post Nothing (2009). 2010's miss was LCD Soundsystem. Last year's was Eye Contact, Gang Gang Dance's most accessible and danceable release to date.  The Gang lay down an impressive, wild and weird approach, retaining the noisiness of their earlier releases while foraying into pop. And for Eye Contact, they get a pass on dressing like it's Eastern Europe of 1997.

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