Thursday, September 24, 2015

Band of the Week: The Good Life

This week's Band of the Week is The Good Life! We're digging their album Everybody's Coming Down. The Good Life started off as a solo project from Cursive's leading man, Tim Kasher. The Good Life blossomed with the intent of providing a space for Kasher to create and perform songs that didn't fit the sound of Cursive. After connecting with band mates Stefanie Drootin, Ryan Fox, and Roger Lewis, and some occasional rotating band members-- The Good Life was formed.

After nearly a decade with no album releases, The Good Life released Everybody's Coming Down in August. Everybody's Coming Down is a mix of songs from different styles from math-rock sounds to somber melodies, laden with variety. 

Here are a few tracks to check out: 
How Small We Are

The Good Life's Bandcamp

Monday, August 31, 2015

Band of the Week: Forth Wanderers

Back in November 2014, Forth Wanderers shook the Indie world when they released their debut LP, Tough LoveOn the first track of the album, "Selfish", Ava Trilling, the band's leading lady sings: "I wanna be known/As the girl who's stone cold." Her voice streams out effortlessly, but with great intention.

The first eleven seconds before her voice appears is when the band really establishes their sound. First, you hear a hazy sound of interlocking guitar harmonies reminiscent of 90s punk bands that defined that era, followed by Ava's voice, and then the quick beat of the drums. Nostalgia, self-identity, love, sadness, and other youth-centered internal strife are all subjects of their songs with honest lyrics that accompany them. The rest of the tracks on the album offer the same self-assured, effortless sound with Ava's voice leading them along the way.

The make-up of the band is Ava Trilling on vocals, guitarists Ben Guterl and Duke Green, bassist Noah Schifrin and drummer Zach Loreli. Their EP, Mahogany, was recorded while many of the band's members were still in high school during a Thanksgiving break and was released in 2013. Their EP's three tunes, "Paws", "Caramel Emotion" and "Sip Neigh" and the Tough Love LP even caught notice from Lorde and she urged her Twitter-sphere to give them a listen. 

Hailing from Montclair, New Jersey, Forth Wanderers originates from a town where many indie bands have taken their roots and made it to the "big-time". But Forth Wanderers stand out and differentiate them from other indie bands from that area with their own unique sound. They're young, but they're not wandering as their name might suggest, if anything they're wandering forward with lyrics and sound that surpass their age. Tough Love proves that Forth Wanderers know where they’re going in the music world.

Tracks to Listen To: "Selfish" and "Painting of Blue"

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday's Fresh Air!!! (7/3/2015)

This week, a really groovy musician, composer, and producer MOCKY, with a new album "Key Change" that'll wiggle yo hips 'til they fall off. No joke

Mocky has put a lot of thought into this recent album, enchanting his tracks with originality and organic structure. He has a lot of interesting input about this album...

On making this album and his creative process Mocky says, "I use samples -  human samples. If you put a musician in the right musical environment for their style, they become an endless sample with no beginning and no end." 

The fact that not a single sample is used on Key Change is a testament to the outside-of-time-quality of Mocky's music. "When I record an instrument today" says the man who once toured with nothing but a sampler and a rapping puppet, "I try to inhabit a character from a place in my mind or an era that could have existed, and when all of these different characters interact, you have a captivating story." 

******Check out dat playlist for tonight as well******
(click links to check out their tunes)

-Upbeat Thing

-I Remember

-Run To The Ocean
-Everyone Laughs At Their Own Mistakes

-Just A Lovely Day
-Slides And Slips

-And It Goes

-So I Rob 'em
-Vs The Worms

-I Don't Know

-Oh No
-On Again

-Let's Rip


Keep it Groovy, Ya'll.

Friday, June 26, 2015

FRIDAY'S FRESH AIR (6/26/2015)

New Band, BULLY, with a new album, "Feels Like". Alicia Bognanno, who is a screaming goddess, creating an emotional album that makes you want to head bang til you forget math. Check this album out!!!

Bully, the garage-punk quartet from Nashville, TN is set to make their debut with the album Feels Like. The band is headed by the fierce Alicia Bognanno who’s loud, punky vocals and crunchy power chords give way to a crowd surfer’s heaven. The various tracks of Feels Like convey Bognanno’s anger, frustration, and confusion with herself and the world accompanied by heavily distorted guitar riffs and upbeat drum fills. The single "Trying" sets the tone for the attitude of the album and transports its listeners back to the land of ripped blue jeans and denim jackets.

*****Check Out This Week's Setlist of FRIDAY's Fresh AIR*****

Bully - Feels like
-I Remember

Golden EEls - Periscopes In The Air
-Deep End

We Leave At Midnight - Terror Flora
-Everyone Laughs At Their Own Mistakes
-Sink Your Teeth

Jacco Gardner
-Find Yourself
-Outside Forever

J Fernandez
-Casual Encounter

Damaged Bug - Cold Hot Plumbs
-What Cheer
-Der Mond

Keep it Groovin', Homies!

Friday, June 19, 2015

FRIDAY'S FRESH AIR! ~~~~ (6/19/2015)


super stoked to bring you an artist with an extensive artistic career that keeps on growing.

Check out this week's Fresh Air w/ John Dwyer, under the moniker "Damaged Bug" with a new album titled COLD HOT PLUMBS

John Dwyer has a surprise for us...while we've all been eagerly anticipating the next Oh Sees record, he's been tirelessly working in his synth laboratory as Damaged Bug and has hand-crafted a followup to last year's neon-noir Hubba Bubba that shakes up the snow globe considerably. If Hubba Bubba was a brush with a robotic exoskeleton on deep-space patrol, Cold Hot Plumbs is a visit to the alien world that sent it into the cosmos - lush, textural, psychedelic at times, the songs breathe with a otherworldly sadness and heart, with barbed and sophisticated arrangements flowering in every direction. The vintage-perfect sound palette would be but window dressing if not for the songs themselves, which sound fresh, vital, and above all catchier than the flu. Cold Hot Plumbs is a strange, beautiful, and oddly infectious addition to Mr. Dwyer's oeuvre, and not one to be missed. 

i know you stoked...

Click the name for soundcloud/bandcamp

-Between the Channels
-Read My Mind
-Casual Encounter

-Bare Essentials
-Fire In The Attic
-Great Escape
-Razor's Edge

-What Cheer
-The Mirror
-Der Mond

-I'm In Love

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


So sorry to disappoint you, but Indie Third Thursday is being moved to July 16th, thanks to all this crazy rain we are having! In the meantime, be sure to check out Migrant Kids, Levees, and Islands & Tigers, and get stoked for the music!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Don't miss the FINAL SHOW of our inagural Indie Third Thursday series at Alamo Brewing Company, June 18th, 7P.M.

FREE / Open to the Public / All Ages
(Proof of ID required to purchase beer.)
Eats available for purchase from food trucks.

Sponsored by KRTU 91.7 FM, Alamo Beer Company, Krazy Kat Music, and Local 782.