Friday, September 7, 2012

Favourites 9/7

No Rankings, no Best New, just what we're digging.

Wild Nothing - Only Heather

The most recent installment in the Indie Rock Canon of Songs Named After Girls, Wild Nothing offer up a beautifully meaningless track off their dreamy, hazy sophomore LP Nocturne.

 Angel Olsen - Acrobat

 I've never been a singer-songwriter kind of gal, but when someone like Angel Olsen comes along with a hauntingly angelic song like Acrobat, I can't help but melt into it.

Cat Power - Manhattan

You say you got nothing to hide. Throughout her career as Cat Power, Chan Marshall has given away everything she's got. Her new album Sun continues to illuminate us as to her personal struggles and soulful approach to songwriting.

X-  Johnny Hit and Run Paulene

X's Los Angeles is one of the best and most accessible albums - I think my mom would even like it - to come out of LA's 80s punk scene. Prepare for FFF7, where they're performing the whole thing at the same time as Run DMC. Kind of like last year when they billed Public Enemy and Danzig at the same time, it's to prove where your loyalties lie. And mine are not with my Adidas.

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