Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cheap Sunglasses, Cheap Beer: LA'S FIDLAR

From Left to Right: yours truly, Elvis, Zac, Brandon, Max.
Favorite Cheap Beer: Lone Star, Budweiser, Lone Star, Budweiser, Highlife.
Worst Cheap Beer: Natty, Busch, Keystone, Mickeys, Natty.

Before their ode to their favorite nose candy, FIDLAR announced to Friday's Black Stage crowd at Fun Fun Fun Fest, "This song's about cocaine. Because we love cocaine. I know one of you out there has some, hook it up."

FIDLAR stands for Fuck It Dog Life's A Risk, a phrase that reps their work hard, party even harder attitude to a ripped up, beer-stained Tee. The LA garage punkers busted into they-say-I'm-fucked-up-all-the-time jams like "Cheap Beer" and "Wake Bake Skate," thrashing around onstage with "burritos" and "wu-tang" emblazoned on their guitars. It's heavy and mean and opiate-level addicting, the weird lovechild of Black Flag's "Six Pack" and Blink 182.

Unlike a lot of bands on the indie/punk circuit, FIDLAR isn't the project of a single leader rallying his friends or studio musicians around him for a tour. After the show, I talked to the band about, it and singer Zac Carp agreed. "Yea, it's a real democratic process, FIDLAR isn't like one dude's project. It's our band."

Despite FIDLAR's eponymous party attitude, the band has been hard at work, touring the Golden State, the lesser forty-seven and Europe almost nonstop since their first EP DIYDUI.  
 Bassist Brandon Schwartzel explained their approach to a day of grueling work, "I mean, we like to combine work with play. So in the day we'll get high and make shirts, then at night get drunk and write a song."

 The formula seems to be working.


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