Saturday, April 6, 2013

Support Indie Overnight

Here in San Antonio, we have a lot of cats. And there's nothing better than walking around late at night and stumbling into a super foxy-looking feline. Calicoes, Bengals, Tabbys, Uglies, they're all great. At Indie Overnight, we like to imagine ourselves as the radio version of the San Anto cat, making each night just a little bit better for those whose ears wander towards our airwaves, giving you a weirdo mix of the music that inspires us. 

Support Indie Overnight. Give what you can. It's tip jar time, baby.

Gifts are available at the $25, $50 and $100 levels:

$25- Plugged In Sampler CD and bumper sticker
$50 - 3 CD pack curated by Music Director Matt Stieb and a Plugged in Sampler CD
$100 - CD pack, Plugged in Sampler and limited edition local vinyl package

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