Friday, March 15, 2013

SXSW: Chelsea Light Moving

Q. Who is the undisputed power couple of Rock and Roll following the divorce of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore?

A. Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson.

Though the split between Gordon and Moore has Sonic Youth faced with an existential crisis, nothing can stop Thurston Moore from picking up his guitar, turning up his Marshall stacks and just wailing. Minutes before their set, Moore and bassist Samara Lubeski rolled up the stage ramp on bikes (easily the best SXSW method of transportation) to sound check, and from there, Chelsea Light Moving got into a killer set full of whammy bar solos, Germs covers and more pedals than you can shake your foot at.

After thirty odd years with Sonic Youth, Chelsea Light Moving - named after a moving company formed by composer Phillip Glass - allows Moore to shed the claustrophobic expectations of the seminal noise rock band and shred on whatever the fuck he wants to. Taking advantage of the opportunity, CLM stocked the album and their day set at The Scoot Inn with songs with a more youthful approach, shaking Moore's recent penchant for the mellow on favor of some violent, heavily punk-influenced noise. Of course, they 
never got too far through a song before introducing some typically Thurstonian angularity. Goofing around before the set  and wailing like no tomorrow for the band's thirty minute slot, 
the Thrasher/Converse showcase proved Moore's zeal for performing hasn't dulled from his 30+ years on the road. 

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