Friday, March 22, 2013

Who We Now Care About After SXSW

Okay, last SXSW-related post. Promise.

As everyone has pretty much everyone with access to a word processor has reported, SXSW was bigger than ever in both the best and certainly the worst ways. There were cringe-worthy corporate sell-out moments, lines best measured in kilometers, and big name shows which fell somewhere in the range of forgettable, baffling, and transcendent. Oh, and grumpy cat was there.

Through all that foolishness, I'm happy to report that the KRTU crew still managed to do what you're apparently supposed to do at SXSW: discover new bands. And from the brutal post-punk of Savages, to the blue-eyed R&B of Rhye, there was plenty to dig into.

I'll be rounding up some of my favorite finds from this past week my show the Slant, tonight from 10-Midnight. Listen live at 91.7FM or through your interwebs.

And for the Spotified among you, here's a quick preview of what's in store:


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