Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Front Bottoms @ Limelight: How Live Music "Should Be"

The Front Bottoms Live at Limelight
I saw The Front Bottoms at Limelight on January 24. For me The Front Bottoms were always a band I listened to when I was in a specific mood. Their songs were for journal writing, being a little frustrated about too much homework, or a slightly awkward summer afternoon with a new friend. The Front Bottoms were never a band I listened to for an upbeat, make-my-life-feel-like-a-movie kind of indie moment. Regardless, I've loved them for awhile because they've always stood out to me, even if I felt their songs were for only specific life moments. I could talk a lot about why I love this band, from Brian Sella's unique voice, to their rhythm, lyrics, and writing style. However, this show added another reason because I had an experience I've never had before: at this show their music was completely transformed for me. 

The angsty quality is one of my favorite things about The Front Bottoms, and so somehow I expected that vibe to translate into their show. But I was surprised because performed live even the most depressing lyrics from "Maps" or "Father" were given this distinct sense of energy and life. The music was undeniably the sound I love from The Front Bottoms, but it was presented with this entirely new feeling. Since this show, I've listened to their songs about once a day this past week, in a lot of different moods. I haven't been to many shows in my life, but I still haven't had this experience before, so I think this makes The Front Bottoms special. I feel like this kind of show is how live music "should" be, if we're going to go there. The songs felt new and familiar at the same time. The band was funny, told us stories about being in Vegas, and made jokes about their long drive later that night. It all felt genuine and the audience connected to all of that. The show was authentic and I can't wait to go to another one. 

-Elena Souris
Elena is the Development Intern at KRTU
You can hear her on air Tuesday mornings (Monday Nights) at 12 a.m. 

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