Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday's Fresh Air!!! (7/3/2015)

This week, a really groovy musician, composer, and producer MOCKY, with a new album "Key Change" that'll wiggle yo hips 'til they fall off. No joke

Mocky has put a lot of thought into this recent album, enchanting his tracks with originality and organic structure. He has a lot of interesting input about this album...

On making this album and his creative process Mocky says, "I use samples -  human samples. If you put a musician in the right musical environment for their style, they become an endless sample with no beginning and no end." 

The fact that not a single sample is used on Key Change is a testament to the outside-of-time-quality of Mocky's music. "When I record an instrument today" says the man who once toured with nothing but a sampler and a rapping puppet, "I try to inhabit a character from a place in my mind or an era that could have existed, and when all of these different characters interact, you have a captivating story." 

******Check out dat playlist for tonight as well******
(click links to check out their tunes)

-Upbeat Thing

-I Remember

-Run To The Ocean
-Everyone Laughs At Their Own Mistakes

-Just A Lovely Day
-Slides And Slips

-And It Goes

-So I Rob 'em
-Vs The Worms

-I Don't Know

-Oh No
-On Again

-Let's Rip


Keep it Groovy, Ya'll.

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