Thursday, December 1, 2011

Plugged-In Sessions

Hey radio land. Hope your Thanksgiving holidays went well!

Maybe you've tuned in on an odd Thursday night at 10pm and heard our Live and Local show, the brainchild of local musician Nick Mery. If you've heard a Live and Local show, you know what it's all about... those of you who have never had the pleasure of hearing this specialty show are about to get some knowledge laid on you.

As San Antonio's premiere indie music station, Indie Overnight feels it has a duty to the community to promote our fine city's local independent musicians! This is a task we gladly undertake, and the Live and Local show the primary place where our effort shows. During this hour, Mery plays only local music, interviews musicians, and debuts each week's Plugged-In sessions.

Indie Overnight's Plugged-In Sessions are a unique feature of the station. We bring in local bands to our recording studio, they play a live show, we record it and broadcast it that Thursday. Past acts have included the likes of Henry and the Invisibles, Nicolette Goode, and Cartographers.

Here's who you can expect to hear on upcoming Plugged-In Sessions:

  • Viet-Ruse
  • Pop Pistol
  • Ominous Omnibus
  • Black Magic and the Real Expose

So that's the scoop! Tune in to KRTU on Thursday nights at 10pm to hear some quality programming featuring artists in your city.

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