Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favourites 8/30

No Rankings, No Best New, Just what we're digging.

Animal Collective - Today's Supernatural

Where does a band go from a place like Merriweather? Animal Collective says back to their roots, incorporating the noisiness of their earliest work while retaining some of the straight-up pop approach of their '09 masterwork. Centipede Hz debuts September 4th, and probably to a solid Billboard charting.

Marcus Rubio - Turn Right

One of a bundle of new releases from our avant-pop Bro, Turn Right is a gorgeous example of Marcus' eclecticism. Deerhunter riffs, Basinski drones, autotune - while this cut from Hello Dallas runs over eleven minutes, there's not a moment of repetition or stagnancy. And Marcus, fuck you for leaving San Anto, I hope LA sucks.

Wild Nothing - Shadow

I'm glad the Smashing Pumpkins are cool again.

Sebadoh - Brand New Love

Now that Lou Barlow's back with Dinosaur Jr. for their new I Bet on Sky, we might as well celebrate the discontent that Mr. Barlow had for J. that gave birth to Sebadoh. Brand New Love is a song that hits every dopamine receptor I have, with chills imminent with each listen. It's beautiful and it's noisy and then it's gone.

JJ DOOM - Winter Blues

Eat her up like a SnackWell / We can live forever like Henrietta Lack cells.

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