Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deer Vibes: Plugged In Session

Deer Vibes describe themselves as experimental indie rock. They have added to this avant-garde sound by incorporating other instruments, such as brass and strings. Michael Carrillo aka Mikey Vibe is the brainchild of this hypnotic, sometimes 9-piece band. Deer Vibes came to Indie Overnight to lay down some old and new tracks with current (a word they use loosely) members Allison:Vocals, Stephen:Trumpet, Richelle:Trombone, Alex:Bass, Isaac:Guitar, Devin:Guitar, and Eddie:Drums.

Check out the debut of Deer Vibes' full Plugged In Session coming up this Thursday at 10pm during Live & Local w/ Kevin Sanchez. To hold you until then, get acquainted with these track highlights and videos shot during their in-studio performance.

Listen through the full Plugged In Session including interviews w/ the Band

Capo 4/Furious Styles:


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