Thursday, August 9, 2012

Favourites 8/10

No rankings, No Best New, Just what we're digging.

Yeasayer - Henrietta 

Henrietta, the first single off the forthcoming Fragrant World (8/20), begins like most Yeasayer songs, with a mid-tempo beat, a nice synth track and some throwback vocals. But give it a few minutes and the band comes in with a luscious second act.

Holograms - Stress

Gotta love that Misfits bass teamed up with a synth.

Fergus & Geronimo - Roman Tick

Fergus & Geronimo's new album Funky Was the State of Affairs is sick - a Double Nickles on the Dime romp of a concept album about aliens and shit. Oh, and they'll be making a stop in San Anto too.

Eternal Summers - Girls in the City

Thanks to Eternal Summers for the perfect song for the moment when you lock eyes with some gorgeous person on the street or in the supermarket and know you'll never see them again.

Pavement - Summer Babe 


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